Kabuto Metalhead | Samurai Helmet Morale Patch

This Samurai morale patch isn't actually just the helmet. It also includes the menpō and men-yoroi, among other things. We could go really crazy, talking about mabizashi-tsuke kabuto or the transition from Muromachi Period helmets to the Momoyama Period helmets...but we're guessin' you don't care. Prob'ly you just want a cool morale patch. 

So here ya go.

Samurai Helmet morale patch

Technically it's a kabuto (兜, 冑). This metalhead represents one of the kinds of helmets worn by Samurai in feudal Japan (which, to be fair, weren't even always metal). 

This patch is in MultiCam colors; 2.67" x 3" with hook fastener material sewn on the back.

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Type: Patch

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