American Jedi Morale Patch

We’ve been thankful for American Jedi since long before the term was invented. And we’ll be thankful for them in the years to come. Sit back, have a beer or five, while reflecting on what servicemen and first responders do for us in this great nation. We sure as hell wouldn’t be here in the first place without American Jedi, and so long as we continue producing them, we’ll be here as a nation long after anyone reading this has passed on.

We here at Breach-Bang-Clear believe in American Exceptionalism. We believe American Jedi can come from any political party and any religion, or none. We ask you to exemplify this ethos. Teach your children to do the same.

American Jedi come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Although all serve their country and community and accomplish great things, some do it in different ways (and not always in a uniform).

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