Samurai Patch - Modern Budo

We have just a few of these in stock - get yours now while the gettin' is-a-good. 


Of all the warrior archetypes in the world, none is perhaps more recognizable than that of the Samurai. The word Samurai is derived at least in part from the word saburau, which means "to serve."

That's fitting enough, particularly in the modern context and even more so with regard to how we here at Mad Duo regard the warrior ethos. There's nothing wrong with a little ego in a fighting man, quite the contrary but if that ego is not subordinated to some sense of the greater good (serving your country, serving your country, sticking up for those weaker than you), well, then you're probably just an asshole. Fact is, a Modern Samurai may be damn near indistinguishable from an American Jedi.

It's a Samurai, but in modern service which is why this particular Samurai is carrying Mk17 w/EOTech XPS, PEQ-15 and OSS suppressor (and of course a breaching shottie, assorted bangs, GPNVG-18s, S&S Precision Manta Strobe & all the goodness).

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