Hot Tamale V-2

Antique Brown
Crazy Horse
Golden Brown
The Mean Gene Hot Tamale v2 Coin Purse is a smaller, even less conspicuous version of the standard Mean Gene Hot Tamale. The sleeker design tacks away even tighter but holds the same number of coins as its predecessor. Sure, you could haul off and cudgel some malefactor into blood pudding with it - but more importantly, you'll always have coins at the ready when you get on a winning Galaga streak. 
Plus it's great if you're trapped by a parking meter. 

Mean Gene Leather Hot Tamale

Self-Defense/EDC Coin Purse V2


This is a great option for those who want a less-lethal problem-solving option because a coin purse can be carried where weapons are not permitted by law.   

The V2 flips over your belt for secure carry and provides a stable grip.  The Hot Tamale V-2 is also secured by 2 Durable DOT snaps. Filled with various denominations of coins, the Hot Tamale V-2 can weigh in the neighborhood of up to 13 ounces (it's dependent upon the number of coins you put in it).
*Ships empty, you can't have our game tokens. 

Type: Other

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