Mean Gene Leather

Chances are if you're here you've already heard of MGL (Mean Gene Leather). Maybe you were Google searching such terms as "best EDC belt", "2 point sling", "Mean Gene Hot Tamale", or something similar. Perhaps you have been doing research and since learned that Gene Higdon is the supreme craftsman.


Tactical Leather

"And he shall venture forth into the world with an eye of disdain, scorning the unrighteous and sissified hoplophobes, and verily he will bring with him the most wondrous of leather goods, built by his own hand from the skins of dead critters, and lo all the greatest warriors of the land shall seek to don his creations before doing battle."

The Book of Gene, Chapter 2, Verse 4

Mean Gene Leather's Gene Higdon

Don't see what you want here? Get more from the MGL website: but before you do, remember: Mean Gene Leather is a part of the House Morningwood Tactical Buyers Club


Tactical Leather by Mean Gene Leather