Raven Eidolon AIWB Holster (FDE)

Designed for both AIWB and strong-side IWB,  the Raven Eidolon remains one of the most popular thingamawhatsits in their lineup. 

We have our own Raven Concealment Eidolon edition in FDE.

Raven Eidolon

Raven Eidolon

RCS says, 

"The Eidolon is the culmination of over three years of design and development. It is designed to be the most refined and functional inside-the-waistband holster on the market. At the core of the Eidolon is the holster shell. The shell is precisely fitted to the weapon on the inside and is smooth on the outside to work in conjunction with the body, belt, and clothing -in nearly any carry position- to maximize comfort and concealment. At the same time, the shell provides attachment points for a host of accessories to allow the user to tailor the holster for their specific carry needs."


As you can see from some of the horribly photographed and badly Photoshopped pictures below, this exclusive doohickey was made in FDE and laser engraved with the House Morningwood shield. One can only imagine how much better one could carry the weight of the day with such a benign and harmless implement. 

This flawless reproduction of the Raven Eidolon was made to exact Raven Concealment specs for us by Raven Concealment, using the exact same materials and quality control processes, on the exact same machines by the exact same people.

Grunts: benign

Appendix Holster

RCS Eidolon

The Morningwood Eidolon replica is just exactly like the RCS EG 19 AMBI Short, with 1.5 in. overhooks, ambi claw/wedges and an open bottom (which is bad if you're in prison, but great for gear like this). 


The other images are to show other versions only. 

Appendix holster by RCS (Raven Concealment Systems)

Raven Concealment Eidolon holster

Raven Eidolon

Game of Thrones great houses - ours is called House Morningwood

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