Beware the Old Man

"Beware the old man." Some bodies are built for comfort, not speed, but it wasn't always that way. And that doesn't mean the dudes with a dad bod aren't still dangerous. Especially if they've grown grey in a hard line of work. 


Old Operator I (M4/AR15)

Sufficient speed, acceptable drag

Old Operator II: Zulu Foxtrot FAL

 Old operator II

Old Operator III: No Skinny Jeans SCAR

SCAR 17 shirt

Beware the old man in a profession...

...where men die young.

You've probably heard that before. Know why people say it?  

'Cuz it's true. 

Beware the old man in a profession - Sgt. Maj. Plumlee












Hikosaburō Takamatsu, real samurai, 1862

An old Crow warrior (Native American) in 1908