Why Shopkeepers, Why Now?

Why Shopkeepers, Why Now?

Those of you who have followed Breach-Bang-Clear for a while might be wondering...why the sudden emphasis on matters mercantile? Why shopkeepers - why now? 

Well, the answer is quite simple really. It's because like many of you reading this, we're old and we're banged up, and we can't keep hunting down bad guys all the time but we still gotta eat. No matter how much fun it is. Even the toughest square-jawed action figure wears down after a while. 

The history of a doorkicker is writ in his bones by mileage, terrain, and too often the enemy. 

Consider the following excerpt from Pressfield's Gates of Fire. It sums things up perfectly.

"Dienekes was far from an old man, barely two years past forty, yet his limbs and joints creaked like an ancient's...His left shoulder could not move forward past his ear, nor could that arm rise at the elbow above his collarbone; the corselet had to be wrapped first about his torso, which he would support by pinning it with his elbows while I set the shoulder leathers and thumb-bolted them into place. His spine would not bend to lift his shield, even from its position of rest against his knee...Nor could Dienekes flex his right foot unless the tendon was massaged until the flow of the nerves had been restored along their axis of command.
My master's most gruesome wound, however, was a lurid scar, the width of a man's thumb, that ran in jagged course across the entire crown of his brow, just below the hairline. This was not visible normally, covered as it was by the fall of his long hair across his forehead, but when he bound his hair to accept the helmet, or tied it back for sleep, the livid gash re-presented itself."


Unlike Dienekes, though, we don't have squires to knead the scar tissue and brace the broken pieces. Dancing moms are great, but you don't want 'em around all the time, right? 

Know what's almost as fun as shooting terrorists in the face? Capitalism. And so we've opened a store. 

We appreciate your business in advance, and hope you'll spend a little of your hard-earned money here. 


the Mad Duo

Mad Duo - we fight evil so you don't have to. 

"..for the warrior, the seasons are marked not by these sweet measures, nor by the calendared years themselves, but by battles. Campaigns fought and comrades lost; trials of death survived. Clashes and conflicts from which time effaces all superficial recall, leaving only the fields themselves and their namess...As the priest with is graphis and tablet of wax, the infantry too has his scription. His history is carved upon his person with the stylus of steel, his alphabet engraved with spear and sword indelibly upon the flesh."






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