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This is Tara. She'd like your vote for a contest happening right now with Inked Magazine. ¬† You can vote for her (and read more about her) here on her page. We like her for a number of reasons, including her service in the Marines and her gift for smartassery. And other, obvious reasons. ūüď∑ @thomas_prusso_photgraphy But we also like her because she can¬†ride.¬† "No hour is wasted that is spent in the saddle."¬†Winston Churchill "In riding a horse we borrow freedom."¬†Helen Thompson Shameless commercial break for the Hand of the King (Meatgazer edition) shirt from¬†House Morningwood.¬† ¬† ūüď∑ @thomas_prusso_photgraphy...

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This shirt was inspired by the poem by Max Ehrmann. Sometimes you have to take a minute to get your mind right...especially when subject to the "tyranny of the moment, or while deployed, or just when you're task- or worry-saturated.

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Super Troopers 2 is due for release in April. The time is meow, the movie is almost upon us. It appears a once-Canadian town is actually on US soil, so the finest Troopers the Vermont Highway Patrol has to offer will be taking over law enforcement duties from the Royal Canadian Mounties. Ramathorn, Farva, Womack and the others are back!

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