For Arachnophile Foodies: Tarantula Burgers | NSIAT

September 03, 2018

For Arachnophile Foodies: Tarantula Burgers | NSIAT

Bull City Burger and Brewery (@bullcityburger) periodically features an "exotic meat" on their menu. Alligator. Python. Iguana. You get the idea.

Most recently that exotic meat included tarantula

As the restaurant described it, it's a "...enjoy a delicious 100% NC Pasture-Raised beef burger topped with a baked tarantula until supplies run out."

Because apparently there were enough people interested in the tarantula challenged that there actually was some danger of them running out. 

Well, turnabout is fair play.

Giant tarantula attacking people - sometimes you eat spiders (on a tarantula burger), sometimes they eat you.

It's not just beef and tarantula, though. it's beef, oven roasted tarantula, chili sauce and gruyere cheese. 'Cuz, you know, nobody is gonna want a tarantula burger with plain ole American cheese, or even cheddar.

No Shit It's A Thing - Tarantula Burgers.

Apparently, there weren't too many available the first time (they use farm-raised tarantulas), but they'll have a much larger stock available for the next tarantula challenge in 2019.

You know, if you're hungry and want to try something a little different. 

Tarantula burgers should always be served with chili.

If you're prepared to eat a tarantula burger, you must at least consider that one will eat you in return.  

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