E-Rock Apparel Now Available!

E-Rock Apparel Now Available!

E-Rock Apparel is an apparel line based on the artwork of Eric Rice (@erockapparel). 

But who is he you ask?

Well, he is an artist and man to be admired. His smoldering blue eyes flash like meltwater over ice. His gaze was the inspiration for Suite Judy Blue Eyes. He is the one-time boon companion to both Duncan Idaho and Fandral the Dashing, and he's one of the few survivors of the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants. 

ERock Apparel - by Eric Rice

In short, he's one of the rare few who is almost as awesome as the Mad Duo. 

Yes, E-Rock. He is a sultry, sometimes sullen swashbuckler of significant, sexy sensitivity and a source of superlative sublimity.

Plus, he draws really pretty pictures and lets us put them on shirts.

Choose from the selection below, and become at least 172.425% more awesome than when you woke up this morning: 

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