17 Reasons to Enjoy Sluttoween 2017

October 31, 2017

17 Reasons to Enjoy Sluttoween 2017

Hey baby.

Sluttoween is coming. You ready to enjoy it? 

Slutty Halloween costumes aren't a bad thing, says we, as long as they're enjoying themselves somewhere the youngsters are not. In fact, we quite like this new recent trend toward sluttoween. Lots of interesting imagery out there on the Instagramz and elswhere. Some of it's...compelling, some funny, some are frightening - and not in the Halloween-scary way they want, more of a 50lbs-of-potatoes-crammed-into-a-size-small-Lycra-sock type way.

But hey, who are we to judge?

1. @staceybuxton, helping us get started with some refreshing candor. 

Brought to you in part by the American Jedi collection - which you should buy one of.

Now, before we get started, we should point out there are many supremely artistic costumes out there, and some fantastic make-up jobs. Check these out. 

The witch below is @muddystilettos2. 

This is @ladyfrengie15. 

But that's not really why you're reading this, is it? Lucky you, we've assembled a lineup of a few costumes we particularly appreciate. Perhaps you'll enjoy them too.

2. We have no idea who this is. It showed up on @random_sexy_stuff. 

3. This is @_chinesekitty working her...sword.

4. Cannot figure out who this mummy is, but the image came from @j_snow69hot. 

5. @jmkoolness, headed back to school apparently. 

There are a number of hashtags being used, mostly by the females actually wearing the costumes. You an choose from #sluttyhalloween, #sluttyhalloweencostumes (plural), #sluttyhalloweencostume (singular), #sexyhalloweencostumes (plural), #sexyhalloweencostume (singular), #sexyhalloween. There's even #halloweenboobs! 

6. Not sure of the beauty beneath the makeup here, but the makeup itself was done by @halloweenmakeuphollywood. 

7. @leannecrow

8. As much as we hate to do so, we'll tell ya - this came in via @hotsaucemen. 


9. This Harley Quinn came via @next.level.naughty, we're not sure who the model is. 

10. Lewd succubus @therro.ig.

11. Farm girl? @eden_levine. 

We're not entirely sure what some of the costumes are supposed to be, though thankfully they mostly seem to involve bewbs. (We like bewbs.) "Mostly naked Wonder Woman" seems to be a recurring theme. 

12. @jamiethornton. 

13. @moriahbecker.

14. @rachel_martinn.

Nice, eh? Need a break? Check out our Anachrobellum collection.They're warrior archetypes (like the Samurai, Viking, Roman Legionnaire and others) with modern kit. 

Done? Get ya one of those, or did you pick the Viking with the suppressed SBR? Anyway, on with the count. 

15. This is @mistie_mars. 

16. @thatwitchaudrey and someone else equally hawt. 

17. Aaaand, we'll close with the incomparable @christyannfitness, as a mummy - we hope she doesn't catch cold. 

There ya go! Perhaps that boosted your morale a little bit. Have a good time this evening - be safe, stay dangerous, don't be stupid. 

If you're really hawt, scantily clad and you want to tag us (@madduoco) in your pictures, maybe we'll send you some swag! (Not you @badmoonarmory, you keep your clothes on).  

One last thing - we gotta finance this operation, both the serious and the salacious. Do us a solid and buy a shirt or a patch from us. Help us keep the lights on why don'tcha. 

Richard Kilgore & Jake Call

The Mad Duo: We fight evil so you don't have to. 

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